listening to the Mulan soundtrack is never not-awkward when family members are around.

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check ur privilege


as if this is a surprise since youre a cis white male

i got -165 why do social justice people still hate me and keep telling me to check my privilege

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sometimes i appreciate how transitioning has freed me up to focus on more important questions of life, like whether or not it’s worth it for me to create an august 2013 keanu reeves calendar when it’s going to be september in a few days.

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for anyone who has yet to discover it, replying to spam is a great, healthy outlet for your violent anger issues. :)

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labels are for soup cans

so if i identify as a soup can

it is a label

that will get me labels.


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3186) I feel like a goddamn freak for being M2F. The reality of the situation is, I’m different from biological women because that’s just how it is (especially due to the difference in treatment between the sexes). It pains me to admit it, but it’s true. But, I’m not really like a man either, especially since I’ve passed for about a year now. I hate that I feel like an entirely different class of people all together, some weirdo between man and woman that will never quite be either.

"you will always be a child of two worlds, and fully capable of deciding your own destiny."
- sarek to spock, star trek xi

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3209) On a website I signed up on, I became pretty good friends with this girl. She showed me a picture of her and is curious to see a picture of me, but I declined. She doesn’t understand why and really wants to know what I look like… but it’s because when I signed up for that website, I selected “female” as my gender and never really mentioned I was MTF because I was afraid to. And let’s just say I don’t pass… I don’t know what the hell to do!


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"no," cried the apple. "don’t eat me!"

and then it dissolved into hapless sobs, for no one heard it, least of all the bipedal creature who proceeded to subject the powerless fruit to vicious bite after vicious bite from gleaming, artificially-whitened teeth that pierced it to its very seeds.

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3528) i am the exact opposite of a butch woman and always have been. i have always felt like a sensitive faggy boy. but gay men always treated me like a dyke, while lesbians knew i wasn’t into girls and made fun of me for being a “sissy”. i have nothing in common with het women, and het men/hetero sex repels me. i didn’t know trans guys existed til a few yrs ago. i drank myself through the 1990s and 2000s and now am too liver damaged to take T. despite what my boyfriend says i think i ruined my life.

this post is ancient and I don’t know if you’re still reading this, OP, but for what it’s worth, one of my doctors (who has treated thousands of trans people for over 30 years) say that the liver risk is only theoretical, and they’re obliged to mention it in case something does happen and they get sued; but that he’s never had a single trans patient end up with liver failure, and he’s seenĀ thousands. A trans guy I know says that he’s known other trans guys who drink heavily and are on T and are doing perfectly fine, liver-wise, although they might be exceptions. But maybe if you take really good care of your liver and live completely sober, T might still be an option. also, science is advancing really quick, and livers are sometimes replaceable, so… don’t give up hope.

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3532) I am jealous of my cats because my Mum calls them boys and I doubt they have a gender identity.

this is my new favourite post

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